We Train the Next Generation of Nonprofit Data Driven Leaders


Evaluate for Change is a non-profit that teaches leaders from nonprofits, foundations, and governmental social programs to use data and evaluation in their practice – building the capacity of the social sector from within.



There is currently a shortage of nonprofit staff that have the evaluation and data skills needed to measure their organization's true impact. Relying on outside talent is only a quick fix, not the long-term solution that the social sector needs to implement data driven ways to measure their impact.




We run a year-long Impact Fellowship that empowers leaders in the social sector to take a more sustainable approach to program evaluation by learning the art of impact measurement to lead their organizations to successful programing, initiative, and campaigns.


The 2018-2019 Fellowship is focused on measuring the true impact of Advocacy & Political Campaigns and is geared for professionals in NYC who are currently working on campaigns and programming that specifically promote #Equity & #Inclusion