Evaluate for Change provides free templates for data-driven professionals in the social sector. That’s right, they’re free! Our hope is that you utilize these templates with the knowledge you gain from our course, trainings, and advising meetings to help your organization use data efficiently and effectively to measure impact.

Logic Model Template

How does your organization do what it does? What is the design of your program? A logic model is a useful tool that allows you to break down the different components of your organization’s programming and clarify how your organization’s program works to achieve its objectives.

The logic model template will help you to articulate and visualize the inputs, outputs, and outcomes of the program you wish to evaluate. Using this template to create a logic model will provide a framework for you and your organization to critically examine your program, facilitate conversation about the process of your program, and identify ways to increase your organization’s impact.

Indicators Template

As a data-driven professional, you need to know what data you are going to collect to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your program and where that data is going to come from. Does your organization already collect data that you can use in your evaluation? Is there an appropriate measurement tool in the scientific literature that you can use? What data do other organizations in your field collect?

The outputs and outcomes indicators template will help you to strategize your data collection efforts. Taking the time to think about the different types of data that are already available to you and/or determining how you will collect new data will make your life much easier later on when you analyze your data.

Evaluation Plan Template

Strategic planning is essential for any program evaluation. How are you going to collect data? Is your data going to be quantitative or qualitative? What is the rationale behind using the particular measurement tools you chose for your indicators?

The evaluation plan template will help you define your methodology and think through the reasoning behind the measurement tools you use in your program evaluation. You will be thankful that you created an evaluation plan when you start to analyze your data!