Our rigorous 6-Week Courses offer professionals the knowledge they need to become the go to evaluation expert in their organization. Each course is built to teach social sector professionals how to solve their own problems through a new way of thinking. Our curriculum includes clear and measurable learning objectives from introductory concepts like building a culture of evaluation to advance methods such as testing measurement tools for validity and reliability. The goal is to help organizations create an in-house evaluation system.


How it Works


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Introduction to
Measuring Your Impact

Developing Surveys
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Each class will include detailed lecture, hands-on activities and small group discussion. The coursework will help students grasp both the theoretical and technical skills needed to implement an evaluation project.


Students will complete an assignment every week that builds into a larger final product that they can take back to their organizations to implement. Each week get personalized feedback from an evaluation and research expert to help

Office Hours

For those who work best one-on-one, trainers take the time to meet with students individually to review content, provide feedback, and advise in the completion of assignments.


Students who complete all their mandatory assignments on time will be given a certificate of completion which allows them to join the vast online alumni network and receive special offers.