Certificate Program

Social Sector
Data & Impact Certificate

Evaluate for Change’s data focused specialized certificate program is for social sector professionals. The 3-module course has been specially curated by our highly experienced faculty, and optimally designed to give individuals and organizations a strong foundation in the fields of monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment, as well as access to the right tools and resources need they need to succeed in this ever evolving 21st century as thought leaders, professionals, and consultants. The one (1) year certificate program has been carefully structured to bring enable you learn best practices in utilizing evaluation to improve your overall organizational outcomes, and boost their internal efficiency.

3 Core Evaluation

Group Based

Advisory w/ Evaluation

Individual Capstone



You’ll gain…

  • A robust understanding of impact assessment
  • Technical knowhow & ability to design an monitoring & evaluation framework
  • Knowledge of latest and appropriate tools to use to visualize your data
  • A network of like-minded social sector professionals
  • And so much more….

The Certificate Program is designed for full-time professionals.

The semester runs for three months with a 2-3 week break in between semester.

The first half of the semester is dedicated to the course which takes place in the evening for 2 hours once a week. Students are also expected to complete one assignment and academic reading per week during the entire duration of the course. The second half of the semester is the supplemental experience which is designed to dive deeper into group and individual work.

Semester 1 – Student Lab is comprised of small groups that meet 4 times for an hour with assignments between each meeting.

Semester 2 – Advising is comprised of 1-2 evaluation experts who pay special attention to the students’ individual data needs and aspirations. Advisors will set up informational sessions for their students with prominent people in the field, have calls discussing data projects and more.

Semester 3 – Capstone is an individual assignment that students create a finalized data project. In the advising aspect of the program, staff will help students identify potential projects.

Online & Hybrid Options

Our online classes have been tailored to be interactive and engaging, to give you that worthwhile online learning experience. Having online and instant access to our curriculum, materials, tools, resources, and members of faculty means that you can study on the go, and at your pace. Our online classes is everything that the traditional class is not. They have also been carefully developed to give you that full support you need, with full integration of collaboration between peers and faculty.

We also have the hybrid option with combines the in-class learning experience with the online classes, thereby giving you the ultimate learning experience.

Advancement & Placement

Our one (1) year specialized certificate program allows our graduates to explore advancement and new career opportunities. We equip our graduates with the skills needed to lead data driven organizations that are effective and efficient. The Evaluate for Change placement staff and mentors, work with graduates to obtain a promotion or gain raises or find an evaluation or research based position within the social sector. Our placement services allow graduates with resume assistant, specialize job boards and recommendations.


Tuition & Fees

The one (1) year specialized certificate program includes all course content and materials. The fees are $1,000 per a semester and $3,000 for the entire program. Payments are made before each semester and must be paid 15 days before the semester begins.