We provide advising on data and evaluation methods for individuals, teams, and organizations. Our advising team works directly with the client to identify their learning objectives and final product(s). Through online or in-person meetings, teaching, and joint assignments that are worked on by both an advisor and the client, projects are created, revised and implemented. The team effort emphasizes our unique training model which is based on building the capacity of social sector organizations.

Whether you are looking for a few hours a month of guidance or you need a data-nerd working tirelessly on a time-sensitive project, we got your back! Our packages are designed to help meet the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations looking to adopt an evaluation project. Please use the links below to find out how we can help bring your data and evaluation project to life:

Level 1: Beginner
Level 2: Intermediate

Level 3: Advanced


If you still have questions about our advising packages or would like to talk to a staff member about setting up a call to discuss a customized package email: