We are looking for individuals who are interested in supporting social sector professionals. We provide the skills and knowledge to help them reach their fullest potential as they create a culture of evaluation in their organization or career. All of our staff have previously or currently work within the social sector, allowing for them to pull from past experiences and uphold our teaching standard that emphasizes that people are more than just numbers. We view all of our staff as life learners and include ongoing professional development opportunities.


Evaluation Trainer

New York, New York – Philadelphia, PA – Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC

Evaluate for Change is seeking Evaluation Trainers to work directly with social sector professionals. Evaluate for Change provides high-quality, interactive, and affordable evaluation training to social sector professionals. The role of a Community-Based Trainer is to bring individuals together creating a collaborative environment for learning data and evaluation methods. Evaluate for Change has developed a core curriculum to assist social sector professionals in gaining the skills they need to launch and maintain a program evaluation in their organization. The ideal candidate will:

•Have a strong understanding on the evaluation cycle
•Demonstrate stellar facilitation skills
•Be dedicated to teaching versus doing
•Understand that people are more than numbers

Trainers will host multiple workshops and courses each month depending on their availability and level of expertise. Evaluate for Change is dedicated to fostering the development of employees and to promote from within. Trainers receive ongoing training and leadership opportunities including: co-developing curriculum, attending conferences and supervising other trainers.

Bachelor’s Degree with 3+ years of experience;
Master’s Degree w/ 2+ years of experience
Employed at a nonprofit for at least 1 year
Experience creating the following: logic model, surveys, databases and evaluation agendas.

To apply send a cover letter and resume to

Brand Ambassador

New York, New York

Evaluate for Change is seeking reliable, high energy individuals to advocate, promote, and embody the Evaluate for Change mission. For 6 months, Brand Ambassadors will spend approximately 2 hours a week engaging in the responsibilities below. In turn, Brand Ambassadors are able to take any courses or workshops at no charge. Brand Ambassadors will work closely with Evaluate for Change staff to build a strategic plan and receive training on all programming and services.

Responsibilities Include:

Become an expert on Evaluate for Change programming
Post weekly on social media (Facebook. Instagram, & LinkedIn)
Attend and represent EFC in at least two industry networking events
Host at least one happy hour/networking event
Educate social sector professionals on being data driven
Generate leads for future students

The ideal Brand Ambassador is comfortable networking, active on social media, and personally believes in the mission of Evaluate for Change.

All Brand Ambassadors will receive a full-day orientation, on-going coaching, swag, and an amazing community! Most work can be done remotely, however in-person networking can be done in any community across the US. We do give preference to those in medium to large cities.

To apply send a cover letter and resume to

Communications Intern

New York, New York – Philadelphia, PA – Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC

Evaluate for Change is seeking a Communications Intern to work directly with the Director. The role of the Communications Intern will be to help build our social media presence and assist in advancing our new branding initiative. The internship will include weekly supervision and a chance to learn how to work in a startup!

An ideal Communications & Marketing Intern will display the willingness to engage in the following:

Create memorable marketing brochures and materials
Update website content
Advance current branding initiatives
Develop a long term strategic marketing campaign
Assist in planning city-wide events

Individuals who intern two semesters (fall, spring, summer) are awarded $500 to put towards their choice of professional development e.g. conferences, workshops, and webinars.

To apply send a cover letter and resume to