Storytelling Through Interactive Data Visualization

This week we have our very own, Shreya Shreeraman, sharing some examples of excellent data visualizations.

For years, data has often held a notorious reputation. Numbers, equations, graphs, and overworked mathematicians: the scary staples of the big monster that is data. But obviously here at Evaluate for Change, we believe data shouldn’t be scary. Below you can find a collection of data visualizations — simple, powerful, and intriguing all at once — that show how data can be a beautiful part of a larger human story.

Visualization such as these help us realize that data in its rawest form is as human as can be. More than anything else, data is a way for us to process information and tell stories rooted in fact. It’s time to be friends with data.

Please view the original sites to use the interactive aspects of Big Data!

1. The Fallen of World War II

This gripping visualization takes us through the history of World War II, and meditates on ideas of war and peace.

2. Network Effect

A seven-minute interactive commentary on the overwhelming nature of data on the internet and the state of privacy today.

3. Stereotropism

A compilation and analysis of the various character tropes found in film — an exciting visualization for film theorists!

4. Rhythm of Food

Find out who eats what and when!

5. Carbon Emissions: Past, Present and Future

An examination of global CO2 emissions over the last century, and what that means for planet earth.

Now if you want to find representations of data that produce confusion and anxiety, take a look at the website: Don’t have too much fun finding the most bizarre representations of data visualizations.

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